Anand Systems offers complete cloud property management software - ASI FrontDesk Cloud Hotel Software & Point of Sale (POS) software. ASI Cloud is based on SaaS architecture with zero installation at client side. It works on all latest operating systems and devices, which includes Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, iOS, Android. 
           ASI cloud property management software is smart rich client hotel management software application that will give you excellent look & feel, which normally you will never get in traditional regular web applications. We try to maintain same look & feel what you have experience for your regular desktop software but we also maintain cloud architecture so you get 100% mobility on all operating systems with zero installation at client side and works on all devices (computers, tablets & mobile) available in business.
           ASI Cloud is exceptionally fast hotel software as compare to traditional web base application available in market. It has rich user experience and we overcome irritating issues like session time out, re-login after few Hr. of non-usage, slow page loading, etc. ASI Cloud is answer to all those problems. 
           Our rich client model gives full permission browser sendbox to connect our most popular hotel software hardware like Driver License ID Scanner, Passport Scanner, Signature Pad, Credit Card Processing etc. ASI Cloud works with all hardware interface mention on desktop hotel software. Please click here for more information and reading about desktop hardware interfaces.
           One of the main challenge for Driver License ID Scanner, Passport Scanner or Signature pad is to store local images and keep those images for long duration. Traditionally image management is huge issue after few months / years of usage as no of images become so large that those guest id & signature images itself require special management to keep it in your local computers. In Cloud edition, we take care of all headache as no data will be stored at your location, all your images will be stored on cloud and we manage those images at no additional cost. We keep track & store all your images for minimum 5 years. We do reserve rights to remove images old than 5 years. 
           ASI cloud property management software also offers all software interfaces like GDS Interface, OTA Interface & Online hotel reservation software (i.e. Booking Engine), Mobile reservation software interface. We maintain one of the world’s best IT infrastructure to manage our Cloud servers. Our cloud servers are hosted at multiple geographic location and all has 99.99% service level agreement with service providers. We also maintain PCI compliance infrastructure to secure all your data. 

Here are few highlighted points and advantage for ASI Cloud

  • No disconnection, no session time out, no need to re-login, excellent operational speed & rich user experience.
  • No software installation at hotel, the software is hosted at our data-center (In USA). Our servers are located in a secure facility with redundant internet uplinks and provides climate controlled environment.
  • System can be used with any Computer or Tablets, Apple Mac or iPad and Google Android Tablets.
  • Low setup fees, low monthly fees, meaning no high cost of computer hardware is required at your hotel 
  • Use from everywhere, from your hotel front desk, back office or laptop or mobile devices in the world.
  • Unlimited desk users just like our desktop edition!
  • All updates to our software are automatic, hence always the latest software.
  • Free technical support is included. One small monthly fee covers it all. No additional costs.
  • Software interfaces like Hotel Website Reservation, OTA, GDS and Online Credit Card processing is available.
  • Hardware interfaces like Guest ID Card Scanner, Passport Scanner, Swipe Card reader etc. is available.