ASI FrontDesk has become very popular hotel motel software since since its introduction in 1998. ASI FrontDesk is a complete Hotel PMS, property management system that includes all aspects of day-to-day hotel operations. In the hospitality industry this kind of software is often referred to as Hotel Management Software, FrontDesk Software, Check-In Software. ASI FrontDesk is available in two versions; ASI FrontDesk Desktop Edition & ASI FrontDesk Cloud Edition. ASI FrontDesk has been through 4 major revisions in last 15 years. Current latest version is ASI FrontDesk 6.0.

ASI FrontDesk is currently installed in 4600+ locations; worldwide in 169 countries. ASI FrontDesk is also available in 19 local language and 70 client in Cambodia. 


Easy to Use : 

  • Room View
  • List View
  • Tape Chart View
  • Flash View
  • 1-2-3 Check-In

GDS & IDS 2-Way Interface:

  • Inventory
  • Rate
  • Reservation / Booking
  • Booking Control Rule / Restrictions
  • Promotions


  • Credit Card Processing
  • ID & Passport Scanner
  • Swipe Card Reader
  • Signature Pad
  • Electronic Door Lock
  • Call Accounting & Phone System

Reservation, Check-In and Check-Out:

  • Booking & Reservations
  • Multiple room selection for stay at reservation
  • No-Show & Cancel Reservation
  • Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly rental
  • Multiple Rate & Rate Type per Stay
  • Split folio & Payment Transfer
  • Change & Exchange Room
  • Express Check-in & Check-out

Group Management:

  • Reservation, Check-In and Check-Out from single screen
  • Group and Room Payment from single screen
  • Group cut-off date for group and automatically release un-confirm rooms
  • Group confirmation & contract

Back Office Features:

  • Night Audit
  • Rate & Revenue Management
  • Direct Billing / City Ledger
  • Business Source & Travel Agent
  • Backup / Restore
  • User & Shift Management

House Keeping & Maintenance:

  • House Keeping Frequency
  • Daily & Weekly Housekeeping / Stay
  • Room Status Configuration
  • Task Configuration
  • House Keeper Time Tracking


  • Per Stay Percentage & Fixed Amount
  • Per Night Percentage & Fixed Amount
  • Automatic Tax Exemption as Configured

Globalization :

  • Multilingual (Español, Français, 中文(简体), العربية, Tiếng Việt etc.)
  • Multiple Currency
  • Date & Time Format
  • Number & Currency Format


  • Do Not Rent
  • Lost & Found
  • Late Check-Out
  • Miscellaneous Income
  • Miscellaneous Expenses


  • Guest & Room Reports
  • Daily & Shift Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Yearly Reports
  • Reservation and CRS Reports

Passport Scanner 

This scanner device can be used to automatically scan all US, Canada, Mexico & around 45 international driver licenses & state ID cards. This device has become very popular hardware among hotel operators as it saves significant amount of time during check-in process as well as accuracy in data collection, no typing errors. A complete photocopy image of Driver License / ID is stored securely for later use with special privilege rights for view/print of full driver license image. This is particularly useful to fight credit card charge backs investigations as well as law enforcement inquiries.

OTA Interface – 3rd party reservation website interface

ASI offers direct 2-way connection to all major OTAs like Expedia,,, TravelNow, Priceline, Orbitz, RatesToGo, eBooker, Agoda, Travelocity etc. As this is direct interface to ASI FrontDesk so there is no middle layer required, no channel manager software is required, as well as no GDS representation is required. All reservations are delivered to ASI FrontDesk completely commission free. This no commission free approach represents a significant cost savings for hotel operators. 

GDS Interface – Global Distribution System Connection 

ASI offers 2-way direct connection to all major GDS including Sabre, Galileo, Pegasus, Amadeus, Travelport, Wordspan etc. ASI does not charge monthly PMS interface fees nor will the GDS companies charge additional PMS interface fees, which is a significant cost savings on a monthly basis. Our GDS rates are also lowest in the industry. All ASI GDS connections are 2-way interfaces. This 2-way connection can be managed directly from ASI FrontDesk PMS.

Hotel Website Integration

Hotel own website is major source of commission free revenue for hotel owners. ASI offers hotel reservation software system for hotel website and all reservations coming from hotel website are commission free and reservations are directly synchronize with ASI FrontDesk PMS. 

Facebook Integration

Hotel facebook page is major source of commission free revenue for hotel owners. ASI offers hotel reservation software system for hotel facebook page and all reservations coming from hotel Facebook are commission free and reservations are directly synchronizing with ASI FrontDesk PMS.

Hotel Door Lock Integrate 

Our hotel check in software offers integration to various door lock systems to generate automatic keys as soon as customer check in into property. This will eliminate the manual key encoding process, remove theft and provide full automation to hotel check in check out software. We can integrate any door lock into our software.

ASI hotel check in system do offer express check out, automatic check out for quick check out operation to fully atomize check out operation.

Point of Sale Integration

POS Systems – A PMS-POS interface automates the process of posting restaurant tickets or shop/spa charges to guest folios, improving accuracy and efficiency. The POS queries the PMS in real time to verify guest status and room number and then automatically posts the charge to the guest folio.

Call Logging Integration

ASI-CL is our calllogging software. ASI-CL offers full call accounting capabilities including a sophisticated call calculator that can be used to configure most demanding set of rules in calculating call costs. If used in conjunction with our hotel software ASI-FD, the calls can be posted automatically to the room folios. The software can be used with all most all PABX or PBX systems worldwide.

Quikbooks Integration

Direct integration between PMS and RMS (revenue management system) automates the process of updating dynamic pricing to the PMS, greatly simplifying yield management. Here’s how it works: the PMS automatically pushes pricing and availability to the RMS, and the RMS automatically updates accepted recommended rates in the PMS.