Anand Systems come up with unique win-win model for Hotel Owners where they can sell properties via multiple sources. All sources are real time connected with ASI FrontDesk PMS and you can manage everything from PMS itself.
             Hotels sell their inventory through their own hotel website. This is ideally the best hotel reservation software system for hotel owners as majority times they are not paying any commission when reservations come from hotel own website. ASI offers one special rate code for hotel website and hotel can set their own rate for own website. ASI central reservation system provide desktop & mobile reservation engine tightly integrated with ASI FrontDesk PMS. 
        In order to get better ranking and more exposure hotel operators should make direct contract with major OTA channels. In recent days, the market share of GDS generated reservations are keep falling and all major premium channels require direct merchant level agreement with hotel owners. Recent estimations in US market for premium channels like Expedia,,, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire are more than 80% of all online reservations for typical hotels. Each of those channels require direct merchant agreement in order to get proper ranking. Only your regular GDS contract is not enough to get position into those major OTA channels.
          Many times your regular GDS contract will not give you any listing to premium channels. ASI CRS offers direct interface to all major OTA networks. In order to interface with all major OTA, you don’t need any channel management interface, you don’t need any GDS interface. All are direct connect to ASI CRS. We don’t charge any commission when you get reservation from those OTAs. You will not be paying any pass through fee, any commission for unlimited reservations from all major OTAs. This is potentially a huge savings for hotel owners as simply they will not be paying anything when they get reservations from OTAs. Hotel owners can manage there all OTA & there promotions via ASI FrontDesk PMS.

Hotel Website Booking Engine

Hotel own website is major source of commission free revenue for hotel owners. ASI offers hotel reservation software system for hotel website and all reservations coming from hotel website are commission free and reservations are directly synchronize with ASI FrontDesk PMS.

Here are few benefits of ASI Hotel Reservation Software: 

  • Commission free hotel reservation software system for your website.
  • Same look & feel as hotel website. We completely hide our identity.
  • Unlimited reservations with Fax & Email confirmations
  • Reservations are automatically downloaded to ASI FrontDesk PMS
  • Special facility for best available rates, corporate rates, web special & advance purchase
  • Comprehensive package feature allows for unlimited customers packages bundled with Room rate, Food & Beverages as well as other amenities and attractions.
  • Provision for extra charge amenities and services to sell online with room reservation
  • Allows minimum night on reservations
  • Support all booking control rules for check in restrictions, check out restrictions, close outs.
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Control rates directly from PMS. No need to login to any back office.
  • Credit Card Processing
  • PayPal Integrations
  • Affordable price point
  • Comes with 24x7x365 days support at no extra cost

OTA Interface

ASI CRS provides direct interface 2 way interface to all major OTA, IDS & Wholesalers. All popular channels will require direct 2 way interface to major OTAs. Your normal GDS contract will give you traditional travel agent listing via GDS representation but that will not be enough for premium chanlles on high competitive market.

Inventory Synchronization

Your inventory in PMS get automatically synchronize with OTAs and your OTAs will always have real time availability status. This will eliminate your overbooking concern and you can sell your last available rooms. At any given time you can restrict your sell inventory directly from ASI FrontDesk PMS.

We provide maximum 1 minute automatic update commitment, this is lowest update time as per industries standard and we are proud to give publish this commitment on public domain.

Rate Synchronization

ASI CRS provide real time rate synchronization directly from PMS. You can control all major channels rate directly from ASI FrontDesk PMS. Each major OTA / IDS Wholesalers we assign unique rate code. Most of the time all rate codes are directly derived from RACK rate. We support all type of $ discount as well as % discount on rate derivation.

Reservation Download

All reservations from all OTAs / IDS / Wholesalers get automatically download directly into ASI FrontDesk PMS. We don't charge any pass-through free or any commission from any OTA / IDS / Wholesalers. Reservations are completely free from our side when it get download into ASI FrontDesk PMS. This is a huge cost saving for hotel owners.

Special Interface

ASI CRS offers special interface to Hotwire Run Of House, Travelocity Secrete Hotels & Priceline Name Your Own Price. This will allow you to sell your all type of available inventory every day in the evening. You can enable this interface or can automatically setup to enable this interface only during evening time on daily bases. This feature is uniquely available only from our ASI FrontDesk PMS software.

GDS Interface

  • Direct interface to all major GDS all over the world.
  • Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus, Pegasus ODD Interface.
  • Inventory, Rate & Reservation synchronization.
  • Option to choose for % and flat $ commission structure.

Mobile Reservation Booking Engine

This module will be available to all existing online reservation (EIS) customers.

  • This smart phone reservation engine works on all latest cell phones. 
  • It automatically identifies the source of request as originating from mobile to serve mobile version of reservation.
  • Just like your traditional website, we will exactly match same look & feel for mobile reservation engine to provide your customers seamless user experience.
  • The reservation engine works on 2048 bit security encryption for credit card data transfer and will provide the same level of security as your desktop system.
  • Each reservation you receive will report you source of reservations. This will easily identify your mobile customer base.
  • Ability to add all extra paid amenities and services to generate more revenue, same as desktop.
  • Desktop type visibility to avoid Chargeback for clear Terms & Condition, Cancellation policy & No Show policy.
  • Reservations are synchronized automatically to ASI FrontDesk hotel software PMS and will give you special notifications for mobile bookings.
  • If you are currently our Online Reservation (EIS) client, please call us to activate this excellent feature for your repeat guests! This feature is currently available at a reduced introductory price. If you are not our Online Reservations client,